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The origins of The Ladrillera Murciana, Inc. date back to 1923 when D. Juan Antonio Cascales Gil made bricks, tiles and slabs by hand, known as La Tejera of Fortuna.

Its foundation as a company dates from November 22, 1967 and emerged as a result of the growing demand for clay building bricks. From the first moment began an expansion that was, at first, in the modernization and expansion of its facilities, equipment, trucks and machinery. The company has two clay pits high quality, unique in the region, which perfectly analyzed and selected, are used for mixing and a smooth paste of perfect color (bright red) and high strength.

In 1990 there were new facilities for cooking and drying steps, installing a new furnace, tunnel dryers GHT and fully automated product optimization. In 2003 he launched new systems and molding clay preparation and getting high quality products and advanced. Apart from the expansion of storage for improvement in the management thereof.

As for the stock of machinery, has been growing and constantly replaced, now possessing a wide range, such as wheel loaders, trucks, pallets, etc ...

Besides new projects have been implemented automation of the production process, allowing us to improve quality levels already achieved in our products.

For Ladrillera Murciana, Inc. is very important to the human factor, making training to its workers over the years, which means it has a staff of highly experienced and professional, some with over 35 years in the world of ceramics.

The company has quality certificate issued by an independent body, according to international standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008. Our products comply with the UNE-EN 771-1 "Specifications for masonry pieces. Part 1: Clay masonry units" so that meet the requirements for CE marking. They are available to our customers testing by approved external laboratory.

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Ladrillera Murciana, S.A. - Camino viejo de Fortuna S/N, La Matanza - Fortuna (Murcia)
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